Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My View Today

My View Today  - Photo a Day 
 Today was all about getting these two off to a good start of the new school year......
Meg off to High School and Fraser into Year two.....

Neither were really up for breakfast....but after a little coaxing we managed to calm some nerves....
The more encouraging messages they received  about their day ahead the more they became a little nervous...
I must admit I was a little nervous watching the high school gathering which consisted of 600 Year eight and nine students....
{Yes I did walk my "high schooler" to school and class - I promised her it would be the first and last for the year!}
But pleased to report at this end of the day...
all is well and reports were favourable and heading out the door should be quite smooth tomorrow.
Oh how did they both become so capable ready to tackle this new year?

The Good Thing:  Keeping things calm and slightly organised for the first morning back at school for the year.
The Good thing for :   All of us.


  1. Sweet pic. Gorgeous smiles. Wish I got one like that from my daughter. She was furious with me for buying her a "roomy" school uniform: "Since when have I worn a size 12 Mum?"

  2. wow, Megs is so grown up now!
    glad that the school day went well for both of them:)


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