Thursday, February 2, 2012


Words - Photo a Day
I have some priceless letters in my possession.....
68 to be exact....

They are letters written between

16-5-1966   and    17- 8 1967

They were written by my mum to her mum

These letters detail beautifully the first year of my parents marriage.
They went on a travelling/ working holiday around Australia.
"Hello, Mmmmmmmm- can you smell it? I have a casserole cooking in the oven for our tea"

Just one of the gazillion insights into precious memories of newly weds exploring this big country.

Do want to know the best bit?
Mum spills the beans on my impending arrival and all the emotions that go with the news of their first child!!!!!

Time to reread this epic tale!!!!
  and      My do good thing for the day

The Good Thing: Sending my high schooler off on her own today.......wasn't I good? I did walk my little guy to school though. LOL
The Good Thing for: My big girl.  


  1. Hi Bron....just letting you know that you are the recipient of an award ....check out my blog for details.
    Thanks so much for popping by.
    Oh...and how is your quilt coming along? Im hoping to begin mine this weekend.
    M x

  2. Beautiful Bron... and how special are those letters... to read what was happening in your parents life at that time... something to treasure forever...

    Jenny x

  3. OH that is so cool! What a great read! Have you been able to put it down? How many letters do you have from back then?

  4. what a treasure to have those letters from your mum, it is amazing that they have been kept all these years


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