Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Sun - Photo a Day
I have been very distracted from here the last couple of days......
good distracted....

Work  has kicked into gear this week. As part of my Children's Pastor role I have a hands on job running and overseeing midweek playgroups.
We are in a real growth area and so the demands for activities such as playgroups is high.
This year we have taken on the decision to run an extra session making three a week.
Currently we have 34 families enrolled in each of our  two sessions and the third one is well under way to being full too.

I love this part of my job, I love the interaction with families, the relationship with the parents and the fun of seeing little ones grow through out the year.

So with all that beginning this week, my  brain has been working  over many great ideas to implement and no more time than usual.

I did whip up a  very basic set of bean bags using some of my fabric scraps...... 

I also had fun preparing this sensory tub......a mini beach 

I made some surprise ice cubes that contained some sea creatures.....
This was enjoyed by little people discovering hidden treasures....

The Good Thing:   Preparations for playgroup under way.
The Good Thing For:  All my lovely families heading to playgroup.

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  1. Oh, Those little bean bags! The kids will love them. Been a long time since I v played with them, when my boys were small :) you're doing a great job bron, n u always have done. Your giftedness n creativeness will be m is admired by all who cross yr path. Ben still talks of those days! X


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