Sunday, February 12, 2012


This morning I woke to realise that this little girl.....

was all grown up and somehow was now  thirteen did she get to be Thirteen?

Did you hear the squeals at your house......
That would have been this  girl.....
There was a little excitement in the house when two tickets to the  "Taylor Swift " concert were opened.....

Oh alright.....I did get a little excited too!
Happy Birthday Meg.....
It is going to be a fabulous year of firsts for you.....
One that we know you will do very well at and know that you can be a leader and pace setter in all things......
We love you heaps.xx
The afternoon was spent celebrating with family....

Thirteen .....REALLY????


  1. congratulations to you proud mum on the birthday of your daughter!

  2. Oh I wondered what that sound was! Happy birthday to Meg! And well done Bron for raising a stunning beautiful girl to become a young vibrant teen...Wonderful, much love to you a llxxx

  3. Happy birthday to your beautiful big girl x

  4. Happy 13th Birthday to your gorgeous girl

  5. happy birthday Meg!
    you have grown into a very beautiful young woman and we hope you have a wonderful first year of being in your teens
    love the lakes


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