Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I love Playgroup

It has been a while since I have noted down the fun we are having at playgroup.....this post is just as much for myself as it is sharing some fun ideas.

The weeks fly by so fast and I need a way of recording for future reference what we get up too...

I have always enjoyed playgroup....but now that my own kids are off at school and my paid job is to provide the environment and programme I love it even more......

{sand cakes for afternoon tea}

So some of the stories and crafts we have explored this term so far are........ 

...spring flowers...inspired by my niece Mya aged 2 years old 

..... Fathers Day poem and hand prints




We are nearly at the end of Term three and then it is a fast run down to ......


  1. Aw... That looks like so much fun and with such sweetness. Little ones are so dear and they do such fun things with their little learning hands. I am so looking forwards to being a grandmother when my son gets married this weekend but he said I have to wait until my daughter in law to be finishes college before they go there. I am waiting lol but a little impatiently for the day I become a grandmother!

  2. Oh playgroup is fabulous! It is so lovely that you give your time & can be involved even though your littlies are at school. Gorgeous ideas here too xo

  3. It is refreshing to have little kids around you isn't it..I help with Mainly Music..music for toddlers..at church every second thursday and it reminds me of just how gorgeous littlies are..and how much work mums do when kids are tiny!


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