Sunday, September 30, 2012

A new morning

As difficult as it is...a new morning appears and it is our duty to find the beauty in that new day.........

During tears there is always beauty to be seen.....we just need to wipe away the tears long enough to see it. 

(thank you all for your very kind thoughts...I am sure sadness like this touch all of us sometime in our life...go hug a person you love  or even  someone that may just need what you have to offer)

Joining in with Tinniegirl


  1. I have only just read of your sadness Bron..a big hug from me..I am sure you all did whatever you could to love her..and yet who can really walk in another's shoes or read another's heart.

  2. Bron I can only imagine how hard it must be, know she will always be in your heart and thought of with happiness. Hugs to you. xxx

  3. It is often so difficult to see the beauty in the world, when times are so rough in our own little portion of it. But it looks like you've done a magnificent (and very brave) job of it here Bron. Lovely images xo


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