Monday, September 10, 2012

Monday lists

Life is all about lists for me........

Lists for everything......

Lists to remind me of what needs to be done ... 

Lists for dance costumes, dance concert dates, school events,
emails to be sent, jobs to be tackled around the house,
possible reno tasks,
work tasks for looming deadlines......

I have lists in notebooks, on scraps of paper and on my phone....
and in my head of course.......

Are you a list you start with a new list each day or do you just a have one long continuous list?

Speaking of lists...I have been chipping away at my "sort it list" 
Some things I have been reminded of while decluttering and sorting.....

You need to create a bigger mess before you get the desired results.

You must bin something and give something away in order to get a warm fuzzy feeling about the declutter

Always do the clean out while on your own and there is no-one around to influence you of you giveaway choices...

It is always easier to declutter sort every one else's stuff before your own things...

So I must go and tick some more things off lists and continue on my "sort it journey" through the house.



  1. I am definitely a list maker. Although lately I have been bad at putting them on paper and a lot of the time they've been floating around taking up valuable head space. Meh. Ah well.

    Go you on your sort & declutter! I've been doing a lot of that recently too as we've been changing around rooms, but I still feel like I could be a lot more ruthless. There's a fine line between ruthless & getting rid of things I'll later regret for me though.

  2. Lists and I go way back but funnily enough I rarely get through them as I am continually adding to them.

    I left a mass destruction in my wake last week as I started to tackle the big Spring clean..thankfully things are a little more orderly today.


  3. Lists are the only way I get things done!

    -Daisy Nguyen from PS BANANAS fashion blog:

  4. I am definitely a list maker too Bron. Every day I write myself a list of things to do, helps to get things done and gives me direction I find. Love sorting out things once I get started but I hear you about doing things when other people are not around, takes twice as long to do it if they are 'helping'. xx

  5. I could not survive without my lists! I used to rely on the lists in my head, but these days I have to write it down it it just will not happen. I have scraps of paper all over my bench that I write on when something pops into my head and I just consolidate them regularly.

  6. Oh this is so true

    You need to create a bigger mess before you get the desired results.

    So true Its always worse before it is better - and then I find Im happy with the new decluttered area but i always end up with some little bits left over and no clue what to do with them LOl Great work so far! Tamar xx

  7. All good advice here. I too am declutterring at the moment.It is a different feeling to the traditional spring clean..more of a do I want my life to be or feel.So many unnecessary things. I had to explain to my husband about the mess that is created as it happens too.He is not usually around to see it..but witnessed it for the first time and felt alarmed(very funny).
    I have a process where stuff goes to to the garage for a while to see if I miss it and then it goes to the hospice shop .Before I gave stuff away in a bit of hurry and wanted it back the next week. Althou in saying that there always seems to be more.
    It does seem to be the best way to lighten your load and inspire the block cake for playcentre. Did you make It?

  8. Im with you on the lists, I have them everywhere also.
    I agree on the cleaning and sorting by yourself, if you dont you end up with keeping everything and it looking as cluttered as it did before you started.


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