Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sort it - Update

 We are just a few day away from the end of September........

I am nearly there....

I have tackled 
the 2nd drawer
undies drawer
clothes basket's
laundry cupboards
wool collection
Christmas in A Shoebox materials
cupboards under the computer

the kids memory boxes

I have taken or thrown countless shoes, clothes,and other miscellaneous "things"

I have discovered a lot of things while doing this sort exercise.

I have discovered that I can sort others "stuff" more easily than my own!

I have discovered that anything with a connection to those I have loved or continue to love I have very little hope of sorting properly.

Hence why I couldn't do too much with the kid's memory boxes.....I do need to get a couple of more storage boxes or at least larger ones as the kids  aren't all that old and the boxes are stuffed to the brim.

I am a hopeless memory addict and it doesn't help that we have lived in this home for nearly 14 years........
I don't think I can change but I have enjoyed freeing some space in many areas of our home.....

I am going to run to the end and see if I can knock those last few jobs of the list.


  1. Good job! I've been doing the same! It's a good feeling! Well done... nearly there... Go You!

  2. I, too, find it hard to sort things that have too many memories or sentimentality attached to them!
    And if it's a really huge job, my brain gets scrambled! but I have managed to get alot of the BIG stuff done so I am happy :-)

  3. I know what you mean about the kids' memory boxes Bron. I use those huge, plastic containers for mine.


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