Monday, September 17, 2012

Sort it - On top of the Fridge

As part of my September Sort it Challenge..
{which by the way I am lagging behind due to a busy weekend}

I tackled a couple of items off the list....

The top of my fridge....


I found...

egg cartons, 
fluorescent light bulbs - not working ones
basket full of sunglasses,
any number of phone chargers
box of chalk
Lego pieces,
reward beads - we no longer use,
vouchers for paint balling games - out of date.
 a box of tissues
some beeswax 
two pairs of binoculars


my knuckle bones complete with instructions........

I don't know how long they have been there but I feel a game may be in order sometime soon....

I now have a clean fridge top  too.

Do you have a treasure trove of goodies residing on the top of your fridge too?


  1. It would be fair to say that I cringed while reading this Bron..I don't even want to think about what is lurking on top of our fridge. The dust alone is sure to be cm's thick!
    Knuckle bones are a fun past time and one that our kids enjoy :)

  2. I played with the metal ones at school and they have a nice heavy feel to them and are a bit smaller than the plastic. I haven't played for a while now though..I have no clue as to where my collection went!

  3. No before photo? LOL!

    I like how you called it a treasure trove, ours has medicines that dont fit in the cupboard above (or weve been too lazy to put them up the etra 5cm...) And I havent blitzed that area yet!

  4. Oh me, Oh my! How wonderfully retro are those knucklebones!? You took me straight back in time to my childhood when I saw those Bron. My brothers and I used to play with them... but I could have sworn we called them 'Jacks' back then. Amazing what you'll find on top of the fridge... I know mine is a bit of a dumping ground too :/ xo

  5. Not much lurking above the fridge except for too much dust and grime and sadly my tall hubby never seems to see it, mmmmm. xx

  6. Great job on the top of the fridge and what wonderful things you found! I should have put that on my list!


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