Sunday, September 16, 2012

Celebrating ...

We have had a weekend of Celebrating..........

Celebrating with family
Celebrating with friends
Catching up with friends we haven't seen in ages
I have hung out with a great bunch of kids
We were entertained by this talented guy
and were dazzled by a clever magician
We were mesmerized by the glorious weather

We were blessed in song by Heidi
and our own talented crew
Volunteers came together and pitched in tirelessly
We honored the great amongst us

 We laughed at the past and gained encouragement for the future
We are tired but full

Where has 20 years of our lives gone.....

invested in a cause we are passionate about

This weekend we celebrated

our church turned 20

and we have been there to see it all.

{no great photos of celebrating busy celebrating}

Joining in with Sunday Snippets ...sorry lots of words this weekend.


  1. The flowers are pics are beautiful! It sounds like you had a lovely weekend...always a joy to celebrate a special occasion with family and friends.

    I noticed the photo of your daughter, Taylor, last week but didn't notice the text below until today. Just wanted to say how sorry I am for your loss. Taylor was a courageous and beautiful little girl and I'm sure you miss her every day. xo

  2. Pretty pictures I love flowers!

  3. What an awesome legacy - 20 years of investment xx awesome x

  4. It sounds like such a positive and happy weekend you had Bron. Gorgeous flowers in your garden.xx

  5. Awesome motive of celebration! Cheers!
    Your flowers are sooooo beautiful. Vibrant colours.


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