Friday, June 26, 2009

A Crazy Week

It truly has been a crazy week...after returning from a great week in Sydney I hit the ground running then Tuesday I crashed with some mystery 'thing' not swine flu but some virus I am guessing, that left me curled up on the couch not moving very far at all. Anyway I seem to have pushed through today which was good thing because I was registered to attend a state children's workers conference. I am glad I went and it is always a good time to be re inspired by very talented and motivated people in the business. I will be heading back for another day tomorrow.
We are in for a run of quite stormy days which is not the kind of weather I enjoy traveling to the city in but it is winter here finally and so that is what is expected.

Before I did hit the decks on Tuesday we had playgroup and I wanted to show you the very cute craft we did and oh so simple and fabulous if you are into recycling.

We took these and this

And did this with them...
Then this...
To make these very cute snake/crocodile.

This idea came from here. Oh we had the beads hanging around the storeroom and used pipe cleaners instead of string , which made it easier for little fingers to thread independently.

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  1. Those turned out so great! I'm so glad you could use the idea and thanks for linking me! It is fun to check out your blog!


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