Wednesday, September 9, 2009


From This...

To This......All this after our MOPS morning. We had a girl who is passionate about decluttering come and speak about the very basics . ...I think there is a part in all of us that the word decluttering strikes fear.
To help us on the journey we made these great bags from an old T-shirt...I used mine to get in order the bottom of my laundry cupboard.
I was too embarrassed to show the before photo but the after is very impressive. I even have created some more room to store other things.
How to make such a clever and simple bag?
Take one t-shirt ( the bigger the shirt the bigger the bag)
You could even save a step by using a tank top.....
Cut the sleeves off on the body side of the seam not the sleeve side.
Turn inside out and pin the bottom hem closed and sew straight across the bottom....turn back the right way and you have the bag.
So simple and all for the cost of one t-shirt sacrificed.

Hey this little guy got to stay in his pj's all day and watch movies with his dad for part of the day...both have a lurgy that required them to stay put.

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