Thursday, September 3, 2009

Giving and Receiving

I have been busy preparing all the contents for our annual Christmas in a Shoebox Project. There is an opportunity for our church community and wider community to fill a shoebox with all sorts of "goodies" that will be sent to far flung countries. They will be handed out to children who need to be lavished with both practical and fun things for Christmas. I have so much fun gathering all the contents and then seeing generous people get on board with the packing...

These guys headed off to the Kindy Father's Night.....there was much excitement even the hair had to be spiked! "Are you cited daddy" was heard many times as they headed out the front door.
I was pleased to hear the reports of good singing and performing as Mummy missed out due to one little boy being too shy in May for the Mother's Day morning tea....he really is growing bigger.

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