Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Where is Spring?

Have you ever noticed that we no sooner enter a new month or a new season and the diary is calling us to make dates and plan for the next.
Spring and September is a special time to look forward to...the wildflowers, the feeling of needing to get out in the garden or clean and organise the cupboards. The only thing is that the weather seems to take a while now to catch up with the calender.
Today here in our part of the world it was recorded as the coldest September day in four years...

I am trying as much as is in my control to live more in the moment. This is also a concept I am trying to build into Fraser. He is always wanting to know the next 10 steps and invariably misses the moment.
Although, something prompted him to go searching in the "Summer" cupboard for those "swimming things" and try them out in the bath.

And he also felt the need to invite all who would come to a party at bedtime. I think his timing could have been better!

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