Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Day of Rest

As the mummy in the house I used my" mummy intuition" today and declared it a Day of rest! After a busy few days I felt we needed to have some time at home to amuse ourselves quietly.
But first we had some collaborative housework to do...yes even Fraser cleaned and vacuumed his own room ( he did a very good job too)
With a little rest after lunch it was decided by themselves that some cooking needed to be done. So without any assistance from myself they made some Chocolate Crackles.

It was the perfect day to be home after the weekend where we saw a little too much of the sun, it was only 12 degrees today and wet -Derek took the car to work which helped with the being stuck at home thing. ( all part of my plan)
Asked why Fraser was putting on his slippers as he headed out the door later this afternoon..."my feet are cold". Never mind the knees!

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