Thursday, June 21, 2012

REinvented Tunic

 What to do with a designer men's shirt......

A Tunic Top of course.....
Shirt Top
 (photo courtesy of Jody)

This is just a simple tunic top that will be fun to wear with something under it in now...
2C in the morning....
 or maybe to wear on it's own in the summer......

 Looking forward to my creative time again tomorrow.

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  1. It looks great Bron ......who would've thought that it started out as a fella's shirt?...

    Your hubby better keep an eye on his clothes!!

    CLaire x

  2. Brilliant! I feel a need to raid Anthony's side of the wardrobe ;)

  3. hahah.. touche Claire...hubby better lock his cupboard! great work

  4. I love it!... 2c? sounds really cold

  5. I think you are getting just tooooo clever!

  6. Awesome tunic, it looks great on you, I have an idea to make a full skirt out of mens shirts, I think I must start making that idea a reality, thanks for the inspiration.

  7. You are doing such a fantastic job of reinventing clothes Bron. I love the black stripes they suit you:)xx


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