Saturday, June 30, 2012

REinvention Roundup......

 So as I shared yesterday I have just completed 8 weeks learning from the very talented Jody in her REinvention Workshop.....

I have put together all of my completed garments...either they were a reinvention of something already in my wardrobe or I op shopped the garments......

Yesterday I said 14 completed but after gathering the photos I have 16 new pieces in my collection that I can be quite happy with.......

Jacket & Pants Skirt

Jacket & Pants Skirt
Fisherman Pants Tunic
Denim Skirt
Denim Skirt
Flamingo Silk

Tie Jumper

Shirt Top
Jumper WrapPants SkirtCandy Cardy FishSkirt Denim, Lace & Buttons
Go and check out Jody's Flicker sets to see all the inspiring projects that come out of her studio .

Thanks to everyone that has left encouraging comments over the last eight weeks.....I am excited about continuing on my Reinventing journey and will be sure to share ....if that's Ok with you?


  1. I would love to see more great re inventions! It makes me want to dust off my machine! :-D

  2. What a wonderful REinventor you are!

  3. Iv'e really enjoyed seeing all your RE-Inventions, love the little grey jacket. The creative trims give the outfits that special look.........
    You must be so happy with your new skills........and looking forward to seeing more!!!
    Do you have a favorite outfit?

  4. Yowsers, Bron, you have been busy whipping up some wonderful creations and giving new life to garments. Love the denim skirt with the floral insert and the orange top amongst others........
    Hope you continue on with your 'reinventions' it looks like such creative fun....

    CLaire :}

  5. you have done a great job and your new clothes look fab:)

  6. by the way you have inspired me, i am about to go and hack up a dress that i got at the market but does not fit me properly. hopefully i can breath some new life in to it :)

  7. Hi Bron. How clever are you?! What a wonderful course you did. I can't believe I haven't popped over here before but I am glad I can get to know the lovely lady behind the lovely comments. xxx Fi

  8. Bron this is such an amazing roundup of reinvented clothes. You have done an awesome job and I am thoroughly inspired to stop talking and dreaming about it and just do it :)
    Definitely looking forward to seeing more.
    Hope you are managing to shake the lurgy and that you guys have a wonderful school holidays.

  9. Wonderful post, very exciting styling and repurposeing, well done!


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