Saturday, June 9, 2012

Through the rectangle window......

We picked up two glass paneled doors that came off a dresser from the tip shop many years the time I just loved them and had no real idea what I would do with them....
They have been stored and moved around between the house and shed all these years ....
its a miracle that they haven't been broken.

That is until a couple of weeks ago when my hubbie decided to do something with them..... 

 We wanted to keep the window look he worked on fashioning a window frame to set them in.....

I knew that they had to go in our bedroom .... 

I loved the age in them from the moment I saw them and so it was important to me to keep them in original condition.....

Handles included..... 

I just love how the new and old came together........

Something funky and handmade by my clever hubbie is just what our bedroom needed.

Joining in with JaM at Jody's here.


  1. I love it! Clever hubby indeed :)

  2. Gorgeous doors - you both did them proud!

  3. Really stunning...I love that you have displayed them in this way :)

  4. Oh my! How lucky you are Bron! and how clever the dh is! :)
    You can do so much with these lovely little old windows can't you? I've got a couple myself waiting for the 'right' place, but they're not as sweet as yours. :)

  5. Oh well done!! What a fantastic idea!! :) Gorgeous!

  6. Oh he's a keeper Bron.....what a great idea, it looks wonderful.
    Love the old paintwork, adds character and charm to the look of it.

    Claire x

  7. WOW, they look great, well done

  8. I have always love vintage things and that looks so good above your bed! I think old things are really fun and good to decorate with.

  9. Brilliant idea. Now I know what I can do with the windows we got out of a 100 year old cottage, if it's OK to copy?

  10. Love them! Love Them! they look fantastic from their old paintwork
    to those handles.
    Clever Idea Clever Husband !!!


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