Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Friday fun

 We have had such a fun time with friends staying this past week.....
I did manage to attend my workshop on Friday though thanks to the kindness of the husband and visitors.

Here is a little of the fun I got up too...it is not all about sewing although that is a very huge part....

(I will catch up and show my latest finished projects over the next couple of days....)

 I was even blessed with some beautiful tulips to bring home this week.....

We spent some time admiring a newly acquired pair of boots...
And the super great thing was that because we had visitors...they dropped me off and collected me at the end of the day , which meant my Hubie got to come and have a peek at Jody's awesome studio space.....what a sweetie being so interested in where I have been hanging out the last 6 Fridays.
This turned out to be a very good thing that he did have a look around....

I will show you tomorrow what has resulted in that chance meeting. 


  1. It's a pleasure to have you in the class Bron - looking forward to seeing and hearing how creative hubby has been.

  2. How cool are those boots?!
    Looking forward to seeing your recent projects.

  3. Aw your husband came to visit! That is very sweet! cute flowers and LOVE!!! the boots! I am looking forward to your next creative project! Happy sewing :)


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