Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A "How To..."

 How to Change a Tyre......

  •  Make sure when you "slash" the tyre..... you are arriving at a familiar, heavily male populated venue.
  •  Be brave and ask the first one of those males that walk around the corner for a little assistance.

  • Know where the manual is in your "brand new car"

  • Make sure you chose a male counterpart that has changed plenty of big , heavy  tyres and also knows how to release that spare from the under car storage.

  • Offer many many words of thanks interspersed with a lot of offers to help in some way.

  • All the while this is happening begin formulating a plan of what to tell the hubbie.

  • Keep smiling despite the crowd gathering, offering all their well meaning advice on how much the said tyre will cost.

  • Thank the helpful male for the "gazillionth" time.

  • Head home still not sure how the conversation will go upon arrival.
  • When you next see you knight in shining armour shower him with gifts of chocolate and more words of thanks.
 I make no excuses for being a pitiful female...I could have figured out all the instructions and how to do the tyre change.......


there is no way I would have been able to lift the tyre all by my little self.


  1. Oops! And how did the conversation go upon your arrival home?!

  2. Aw! I have had two tires pop on me and both times I was able to have a knight in shining armor to help me out. I am happy that someone was there to help you. Accidents happen

  3. hahaha I had to laugh at this... :) My Dad made us learn how to change our own tyres/oil and even taught me how to change my petrol filter before I got my full licence...he also bought me a good quality tool box (for my 16th birthday which at the time I laughed at....but to this day -and I will be 40 in december- I still have and use very very often!).


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