Thursday, June 7, 2012

My Creative Space

 Wow I am so excited......

I challenged myself this week.....

I made something to wear that I followed completely from a pattern......

Including putting in a zip......

 I used Jody's Splice skirt pattern.....

Mine has only two layers....

I didn't actually have enough faith in myself that I could pull it off. So instead of purchasing some fabric I used some from my stash....that way if I mucked up it wouldn't matter too much..

But I love it and it was so fun to make.... and 


 Check out a whole lot of other creative people here.


  1. Gorgeous!
    PS I am still giggling at the thought of you putting the finishing touches to your top this morning :)

  2. Wow Bron! Your skirt looks amazing! Such a flattering style on you and looks great with the black top and boots. Love it!

  3. That is such a great skirt Bron, awesome job!

  4. I just love that skirt Bron! I have been watching your progress with your course with Jody Pearl, and you have inspired me to enrol into REinventing Fashion and the Splice Skirt Course! I am so excited to change my wardrobe up a bit!

  5. I just LOVE that skirt Bron, its amazing! I have been watching your progress with Jody Pearl over the past few weeks, and you have inspired me to enrol into the REinventing Fashion course and the Splice Skirt course! I am so excited to REinvent my wardrobe :-)

  6. Bron it looks the colours and the fact it fits perfectly is brilliant.
    Well done.....what's next?..

    Claire x


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