Monday, February 11, 2013



How was your Monday?

Did it have anything fun or was it all work?

If you had popped by my place you could have helped me do the dishes in preparation for tomorrow....

I would have shown you my op shop finds that I picked up at  $2 Monday Madness  .

You could have joined me and my sweet for a coffee before he headed off to the dentist.

Or maybe you could have helped me source "hearts" for the theme this week.

Then there was the rice that needed colouring to go with the hearts.

We did have a little rain to make our very hot day even more humid.

There was homework to be done this afternoon , a little washing , the grocery shopping and the ordering of this week's fresh fruit and veggies.

In between making sure the sweet was doing Ok after his visit to the dentist.

And if you had stuck around till nearly bedtime you could have had a lesson about the sun and  rotating earth.

So another week has begun.

One thing left to a little "revenge".

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  1. It looks like a busy Monday, lots of lovely things going on. What a fun week you're going to have with all of those hearts. xx


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