Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Treasure Chest find No.2

Last week I showed you some of the contents of my hope chest .
Thanks for the suggestions as to how to put my tea towel collection to good use.

Well this week I thought I would show you a REAL treasure......
The hand crocheted bedspread made by my maternal grandmother for my parents bed...... 

I knew it was tucked away but have never had it out to use because I never thought it would fit.....

You see my parents bed was unique.....
It was  double sized, brass and stood about 1metre high to the mattress. Now those measurements are a guess ...I was trying to picture myself as a child and remembering we could never climb up it was so high.

It always ensured that they never had little people climb into bed in the wee hours of the morning.

It also had the most awesome storage space underneath.

Mum was always the talk of her friends as to how much she had stored underneath the bed.....we even knew as kids that there was some cool stuff tucked away that sometimes we got to check out.

Visitors would catch a glimpse of mum and dad's bed through a slightly open door and be fascinated and end up having a  closer look......lucky for mum she was a stickler for making the bed and having a tidy room.

...and she had an awesomely talented mum who made this incredible spread.  
 So as I am exploring the contents of my hope chest I thought it time to trial it on our bed...being a queen and nowhere as high as my parents I am excited to see that it fits almost perfectly. There is just one small repair that needs doing but apart from that it is in perfect condition.

I think that it is at least 35 years old, so to me priceless.

Now just to convince my sweet that it does look really cool...I think I am winning!

Treasure chest find No.1 here 


  1. Oh the wonderful memories that come flooding back ti see this. I love it!!! Mum would be excited to see you using it. Mx

  2. Oh you have to use it! In the summer at least! It's amazing work. Looks very fine.

  3. White crocheted bedspreads were all the rage in the seventies, just before doonas came in. I had one on my bed as a teenager and loved it. Yours is extra special being handmade by your grandmother, it looks beautiful.

  4. it is so beautiful, what a wonderful piece to have


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