Friday, February 22, 2013

Things I am Loving

This week I am loving.....

....the arrival of the last online present bought for the 14 year old ( check back tomorrow to see what it was)

......after a very hot week ...a cooler day where the breeze billowed through the open doors.

....a day at home with no car just to potter in my own head space.

...a HUGE  bag to head to the op shop as a result of the day home by myself.   

.....time to finish a reinventing task that I had started for a friend.

.....pumpkins scones made this week to share.

.... a cute tutorial for Easter baskets found here

...of course loving that it is Friday and that means it is the weekend.

Joining in with Meghan and "Things I am Loving".



  1. I look forward to seeing what you got in the mail this week. Time at home without a car I always enjoy, it means you don't have to go anywhere, it sounds like you enjoyed your day at home. Hoping that your weekend has been a lovely one so far. x

  2. Pumpkin scones sound very interesting - how'd they turn out? Sometimes it is nice to not have a car and have no choice but to potter hey!


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