Thursday, February 7, 2013

My Creative Space

I have been away from my machine for weeks now due to the busyness of the summer.

So to reacquaint myself  I thought a little school sewing was in order.

Nothing to hard or required much thinking.

New pencil cases instead of those cheap things that only last half the year

The kids chose their own fabric.... which then up the ownership value of them

It's the little things that make me feel like a real mumma....maybe because it is something 

my mum would have done for me at the same age.  

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  1. That elephant fabric is too cute! My little one is a while off from school but when he goes I hope to make most things!

  2. Love them and agree fully - pride of ownership goes up and feeling like a awesome Mum does too! Thanks for linking! :)

  3. homemade pencil cases are the best of all! xx

  4. I love the pencil cases, but i really love that you are continuing a tradition for your own children.

  5. really love the pencil cases, they are gorgous

  6. really love the pencil cases, they are gorgous

  7. that pencil case is awesome. don't the kids really love it when they choose their own fabric for them?

    you are a fab mum.

    I posted up my daughters dress today on my blog for show n tell. ;)

  8. A great quick satisfying and especially so when it's providing your children with an everyday practical item :)


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