Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Treasure Chest Finds No.4

Needing to get a move on with re packing my Glory Box so that it is not taking up much needed room in the house.....(ie it needs to go back into the wardrobe out of the way) has made me look at some of the contents with new eyes.

Much of what is in there I have had for many years....long before it was "trendy" to have and  certainly any thoughts of  re purposing any of it.  Now all these many years down the track I have a much keener interest in the items and see that many of them have so many new lives to live.

So this week I am showing you a stack of linen that I have stored away and with my new eyes I am thinking that it all doesn't need to go back in the box and stay in a pristine, mothball smelling state.

Even the lovely damask tablecloths and matching napkins still in their original boxes need to come out and see the light of the day....

maybe they just need to go on my table....or maybe they are destined for something more grand.

All I know is that I think both my mum and grandmothers would be pleased if I was using them and showing them off in all their glory in stead of trying to preserve them in a chest at the back of my wardrobe.

I think the same goes for the supper cloths and crocheted doilies and table runners.

You can see all my other Treasure Chest finds here.


  1. aw..so special.isnt amazing how we can have things hiding away only to bring them out and reclaim them years later.ive enjoyed seeing ur treasures.mezz x

  2. Hi Bron, I think you should use those tablecloths. I have brought a stack inside (from their plastic crates in the shed) and I am determined to spread a new one on our dining table every week, or before then if they get grubby. There is no point keeping all your treasures packed away, what happiness or pleasure does that give you? Maybe put a few extra special ones away for your daughter and use the rest...

  3. yes! Use them! I am using some of my mums now! They are lovely! So much nicer than what you could go & buy!


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