Thursday, February 14, 2013

My Creative Space

After a quick stop at the op shop on Monday I came out with three bargain $2 madness Monday pieces....
I loved the coral/pink Linen shift dress and it fitted me really off home I went......
When I tried it on again I realised that the fullness of the dress wasn't that flattering - Ok if you are super trim.

So with the eagerness to wear it Wednesday I set about, 1 hour before I was to head out the door....
Nothing like some early morning sewing to start the day.....

I put into practise some skills learnt with Jody last year.....   

after a little shirring I felt the back fullness was taken care of but the front still needed to lose it's fullness......

 so what else to do but run to tucks straight down the real science other than a couple of pins in front of the mirror...
Back to the sewing machine (in my underwear- much to my children's amazement)

and TA DA I had a really lovely linen dress that felt light and cool ready to wear out the door on a 40 degree day.....
Now i need to turn my attention to my scraps for the scraps swap I have signed up for with 
Joining in with Creative Spaces  and Show and Tell this week.


  1. Looks great Bron. Lovely colour. Guess what? I have just made myself a skirt and top! I know, incredible!

  2. And you looked beautiful in it.

  3. So clever! I have to learn how to do the shirring thing! Well done you! :)

  4. terrific job! Nice image of you sewing that makes me LOL this morning! Thanks for that! :-)

  5. Wow, that looks great! So clever :) x

  6. Fantastic Bron! I love the way you personalised this dress and especially love the colour.


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