Thursday, February 21, 2013

My Creative Space

 Last week  i began sorting some scrap fabric ready for the swap .

This week I have managed to complete a bag made for the scraps from scraps....

I even attempted for the first time some styling on my machine......

I have a couple of more bits and pieces I would like to add for my swap buddy....then in to the post it goes.....
I haven't done to many swaps so I am a little nervous as to whether I have included the right things.
 It is always nice to tick another project off the to do list....hmmmm what to tackle next....maybe some more scrap busting is in order.

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  1. It's hard to know if you have included the right stuff but this looks good enough to me!

  2. great bag!how do u take part in a swap? i keep reading about them, but have never worked how/where ti get involved!

    i think ur swap buddy will love ur parcel btw.


  3. Swaps are fun and tricky! You're never quite sure if you got it right but I'm sure you're partner will be stoked!

  4. I won't worry, the main thing yis that you have lovingly made a bag and put in some awesome fabrics! There are some really pretty pieces...I love the mustard flowers with the grey background. I'm sure your partner will be inspired by you're selection. Yay!


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