Monday, February 18, 2013

Latest Read

If you haven't discovered Stephanie Nielson and her blog NieNie  Dialogues...head there now....

She has the most inspiring story of surviving against all odds....a touching , raw and totally inspiring story.....

From her blog this week......

"But even with all that others were willing to offer me, I realized along the way that ultimately nothing they did could make me happy.  I felt comforted by family and my faith, but peace was different from happiness.  At first I thought stubbornly that the only thing that would make me happy was for my life to look like it did before the accident.  But no one could give that to me, and no one else could make me happy. Happiness was my choice, and though it is hard won, I am the only person who can stand in the way of it."
-taken from my memoir, Heaven is Here. 

This is the second book this year that I have read with the message about " Happiness being in our own hands"........

Certainly makes me think about choices I make on a daily basis and think about the way I view a situation. 

There have been many times in the last eight years that I have had to make a choice to choose happiness....when everything in me wanted to do the opposite....... I think it has made  for the best way forward ...for myself and those around me.


  1. lessons in simple things.... Hugs for a happy day today!

  2. beautiful book and blog and woman hey. Have read NieNie for years. Love every word, every pic. The last photo of her Jane on her bday and the post that went with it so lovely. Her letters to Mr Nielson I think made me fall in love with my husband all over again

  3. It's a nice blog isn't it? amazing what she has been through. There are some great youtube videos that have been made about her story. Sometimes it can be a bit annoying with the "perfectness" of her overly sponsored life though.

  4. Thanks for the recommendation Bron...
    Ronnie xo


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