Friday, December 13, 2013

Thursday Thankful List

*Quietness and the opportunity to clean and tidy.

*Workers who have an eye for exactness.

*A school programme that caters for the love of a teen.

*The maturity of our girl in preparing for her big night.

*The gems found at the op shop,perfect for the occasion.

*A proud little brother in awe of his big sister.

*The ability for our girl to bring a whole audience to complete quiet and then bring a tear to many an eye with her grace and passion.

*Generous family who came to support her.

*Even friends that were big on their encouragement.

*A dance school that has challenged and developed a skill.

*Christmas lights put up by the neighbours for us to enjoy.

* A Night home on the couch for a spot of hand stitching.

*Christmas cards that arrive snail mail.

*Lots of ticks of the Christmas shopping list.

*New Christmas lights twinkling on the tree.

*Some decluttering and rearranging of furniture.

*The braveness to part with excess sentiment

*Dinner cooked by the teen- unprompted.

#219 Sweet treats a plenty.

My other lists are here. 

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