Saturday, December 14, 2013

Things I am Loving

This week.......


Loving...Our elf antics and the fun they still have finding him each morning.

Loving...The gift that Fraser bought home from his Teacher...never have enough books.

Loving...Recycling last year's Christmas cards into gift tags for this years presents.

Loving...That it was my husband at the cricket and not me during our heat wave.

Loving...The softie the teen made in textiles at school.

Loving...That we have still received Christmas greetings via snail mail...which reminds me.... to get on and write our yearly family letter to post.

Loving....This song......Meg danced so , so beautifully to it this week....taking out the top prize for her contemporary solo.(a tear may have been shed by her parents)

Joining in with Meghan



  1. Well done Meg on your top prize! & love your Elf antics too!

  2. Awesome collection! and well done to your girl! x

  3. Aw! I loved watching my daughter in dance! They performed about four times a year! I too shed tears of joy and pride! Congrats to Meg and her proud family xx

  4. Oh I just got teary reading this! Congratulations Meg, how wonderful for you! xx


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