Sunday, December 8, 2013

Weekend Snippets


 * It may be the festive season but in this family we have plenty of birthdays to celebrate too.....

* One little person was Two.....
* and the cake was delicious.
* some gingerbread making with the little guy.
*  that frangipani is just loving the sun shine

* The roses are putting on a beautiful show too.

* and just so my family will be happy ...cause I am more than happy to put their pretty faces on here and not my own!...happy now family????

Have a lovely new week...
Joining in with Em


  1. gorgeous pics! Nice to see you!

  2. we have cookie cutters in our collection too. must be the time of year! : ) wonderful cake!

  3. Glad you put a phot on you in their this week, usually the photographer misses out. Have a good week. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

  4. Hope it was a wonderfully happy birthday!

  5. Beautiful photos, I love the cake! Very nice. I hope it was a fantastic birthday!

    Have a great week... xx

  6. You have a beautiful smile! Love the cake so creative! xx

  7. Great photo of you Bron, hello! That cake looks amazing too, so creative xx


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