Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Last day of school

Tomorrow is the last day of the school year for us......and with it comes....

....finally the opportunity to take the teacher her gift we so lovingly made...

....the bag full of books and papers that have accumulated in the desk arriving home.

...the pencil case full of blunt and small pencils along with the dried up textas accompanying the books and papers.

...the anticipation of which teacher will you get next year and which of the friends will be in the class.

...the sadness of saying goodbye to this years teacher.

...coming to terms with no more children in the junior end of the school.

...the excitement of no more lunches to pack for the next 7 weeks.

...the longing for the relaxed routines.

...the realisation that Christmas is less than a week away.

Everyone is very tired in our bring on the holidays and the festivities of the season.

Happy end of the school year  to you all.


  1. Oh she will just love her gift, what a lucky teacher! Our last day today Bron, so we're up to our ears in artworks and school books, and I love it! I always look forward to this time just to see what they've done all year. Then have to find somewhere to put it all!! Am like you, feeling very emotional that another year has gone, these children are growing so fast! Enjoy your last day and have a beautiful rest in the holidays xx

  2. Yep she will love her pressie!

    This is my first of many "last day of school" for the year... I am glad I am reading this just before it starts! I need to prepare... Thanks for the heads up...

    Hopefully you will get a few rest days before Christmas...

  3. oh lucky you. We have a day extra and finish on Friday. The gift is fabulous and so very original - love it. I feel like I am dragging my feet to the end of the year ugh! Can't wait for the big day though.
    Enjoy your hols!

  4. The end of the school year was always the best for us! That night our shoes came off and we did not put them back on again until the next school term... Well except Sunday school lol

  5. Oh so bittersweet - end of an era, beginning of something new. Enjoy the next phase x


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