Sunday, December 29, 2013

A reason

 Yesterday I posted my final photos of two of our beautiful kids.....
I joined in Jodi's challenge to photograph them once a week all year long.....

So 52 weeks x 2 kids = 104 photos

I have decided to go again next year..with their permission....

But I think one of the big reasons I will tackle it again is that each week for a day or so I have all THREE of  our beautiful children in the one screenshot.......

I know , I know, but it is a tough time of the year to be without one of much time has gone....we wish she was with the to take photographs of how beautiful she would be getting.......


  1. awww, yes you are right. I like seeing them altogether too. They are so alike!

  2. Christmas is such a happy time ... and yet can be such a sad time too ... when we notice even more the empty space at our table and in our lives.
    I know it's no consolation ... but just having your beautiful daughter's photo up on your blog has brought her into the lives of people all over the world ... and she is every bit as real to us as your other two gorgeous children.

  3. Its been fun watching your children grow... It is so amazing how they grow so fast. They go thru so many changes and challenges as they grow some of which I can still remember going through myself lol.

    Sweet Taylor... Forever in your hearts and minds <3 <3 <3 xxxx

  4. Exactly Bron. I love that you have their photos in the one spot each week too, that's beautiful. Love that they have given you permission to continue, it's such a beautiful record of the year. Wishing you every blessing for the new year ahead xx

  5. With time it seems a little easier but in a split second you can go back to that place where it happened yesterday. On the 25-11-2013 it was 24 years since my brother was killed by a hit and run drunk driver (he was 17) and next year it will be 25. It seems so long ago yet it seems like yesterday. It does always leave a big hole in your heart and of course those 2 other precious children you get to photograph every week get to lap up your attention. My thoughts are with during the special holidays that make it just a happy/sad occasion. I'm going to be joining in with Jodi next year for the first time as well. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

  6. such a precious thing for you to do x

  7. Some days some seasons are just harder than others
    Memories creep up on us and escape via tears

    Well done on a year of capturing your children
    I've never joined this project but love seeing others


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