Monday, December 2, 2013

Weekend Snippets


* You know it is going to be a good weekend when you can enjoy three "double yolkers" from the chicks.

*the suitcases were flung open and the decorating began

*the reading of a "new to us" book was also begun....pleased to report everyone listened attentively as mumma read.

* the stockings were hung...all five of them.

*the bunting heralded that it was now officially the Christmas season

*even the Christmas train makes it's appearance

* and look who happened on our doorstep again this year......oh what will he get up to this year....

Well December promised to come.....and come it has......bring on all that it has in store I say.

Joining in with Em at The Beetle Shack 


  1. wow, nice lot of double yolkers! Looks like Christmas is definitely headed your way!


  2. I LOVE it when I get double yokes lol it's like a gift...

    Looks like you had a great weekend! I have always wanted the elf to visit our house but alas... no little ones yet, so I am starting our decorating too! Love to decorate for Christmas! xx

  3. Looking Lovely & festive! Better not let boys here see your train else I am going to badgered for one...
    Hello Elf!

  4. three double yokers!!?? amazing! love your Christmas bunting btw xx

  5. Fabulous Bron! All of it! Loving those eggs, but I'm thinking I'd feel like I was being watched as they sizzled away!! lol. ♥

  6. Wow - I never knew you could get eggs with two yokes. I think if that happened to me I would totally freak out.

  7. Love your five stockings Bron, and that Christmas train too. Love how exciting it is for kids (and adults) to see their favourite decorations again each year. Have a great week xx


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