Monday, April 20, 2015

Photo a Day - Week 16

Paper - Some beautiful prints waiting to be framed for the teen's room....

Up - Being up there is becoming a constant source of fascination.

Dinner - Not the usual but they sure said it was tasty...

Where I work - A couple of days off this wont be so quiet come next week when playgroup  is back.

An ordinary moment - ahhh to have the time to have complicated beauty regimes...

Fluffy - The nights are cold so the slippers have been making an appearance.

Together- A rare moment that just had to be captured.

My photo a day project.


  1. Love those prints! And that last pic! X

  2. That last picture is very precious! I had to laugh at the dinner picture though! My husband and I often have a bowl of cereal for dinner to my mother in laws dismay. Love the drawing such grace xx

  3. how sweet is that last one... slippers are go here too. Weather sure has changed quickly. Lovely set...

  4. Mmm, dessert for dinner. I've done that a time or two! Those rare moments are priceless...glad you were able to capture it.

  5. love that ballet print - would love to know the story of your work and how you got into it xx

  6. great captures! and oh i had to smile at the time for complicated beauty routines xx

  7. What a great collection - that dinner looks like just my kind of meal!

  8. Love that print and the last photo is beautiful. It's suddenly got very cold here too. Stay warm Bron xx


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