Friday, April 10, 2015

Ten on Ten - April '15

Our Day....
Someone had to be up and at work for 7am this morning...{well two actually...the man of the house wasn't up for pics}

Not back to bed for some more book time....

Well it was wet outside....oh OK I drove the teen to work then came back and jumped into bed....

I did find someone else who was taking shelter from the weather....

I am hoping that our corn likes the rain too....

This Easter stash has been hiding in my wardrobe....apparently so people won't steal them...little does the boy understand that his mumma is the only  other in the house that would even contemplate eating them!

We did head out briefly to pick up the teen from work and pay a visit to the new Yoghurt place opened up...

I convinced the teen that her drawers needed sorting through before a much anticipated shopping trip next week....she has to do everything to music!

I thought seeing it was my day off...more book time was required...

This boy loves his cousins....and if his mumma wont take him to see them he decided to bring  them together on Skype....{they only live 15 minutes in opposite directions}

Joining in with Rebekah 


  1. What a lovely, calm day! 7'o clock is late in our house... Actually 6 is late! Have a lovely weekend

  2. Looks like an interesting day... I hope you got lots read, I hope you had lots of rain, & I hope the kids had lots of fun.

  3. Aren't cooler days off so much fun, I am going to miss our winter months. mmmm frozen yogurt. I spent my day off writing. Great pictures! love the snail one, and that is so cute of Fraser visiting his cousins. Chocolate lol so cute xxx

  4. Isn't technology a wonderful thing … no excuses for feeling lonely.


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