Thursday, April 16, 2015

Thankful List

* A week of rainy school holidays

* A week of sunny warm school holidays

* Cool chilly nights and mornings

* Darkness upon arising in the morning quiet

* Big sisters who will take care of little brothers

* School holiday friendly working hours

* Lots of cousins to hang with

* Last minute getaways

* Fresh baked scones

* Evening cuppas with a friend

* Cake tins filled with homemade snacks

* Snugly warm and very soft blankets appearing

* Mates to come and hang with for a few hours

* Tree climbing boys

#1080 Cubby renovations  slowly but surely

My One Thousand Gifts List


  1. Always enjoy reading your lists Bron - it reminds me often of the things I forget to appreciate xx

  2. sounds just lovely...Holidays are great!

  3. We've had some lovely cousin time here too, so good for the kids. Love that photo too xx


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