Monday, April 13, 2015

Photo a Day - Week 15

 Shape - Our cucumber plants are doing well.....

Beauty - Our roses - say no more...

Breakfast - Taken alone in the semi darkness a full half hour before the next person arises...

Inspired - Someone was inspired to make some adjustments in our garden this week....{ I think having two fellow boy cousins for a play helped}

Dark - The end of the loveliest smelling candle to light the darkness...

This smells so good - The pizza made by the hubby...

Something green-  It does might heart good to see him enjoying this space.

My photo a day project


  1. I soooo Love mushrooms... They have been one of my favs since I was in High School! Butterfly's and Mushrooms! They are so cute and... can hear the little trolls running around and playing in the garden... tiny crunching of little feet? Oh! Another book idea lol have a great week xx

  2. Love the toadstools! And that pizza! Yum! And growing your own food is just so exciting! X

  3. Oh boy ... that pizza looks good too. Looks like a fairy garden with those toadstools.

  4. Lovely photos - the toadstools in the garden is so magical!

  5. I adore your roses. We recently planted 3 plants and they are doing so well, I'm very happy:) A whole hour to yourself first thing in the morning sound lovely and peaceful. xxx


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