Saturday, April 25, 2015

Thankful list

* The most beautiful weather...sneaking in last swims

* School routines

* Independent lunch makers

* New volunteers

* The support of family

*  Being able to see the learning going on our kids

* A job that I love

* The quiet and solitude of being in the house alone

* Impromptu gourmet pizzas

* Solutions to sticky problems

* Lots of time to read

#1092 Time carved out to sew

My thankful lists are here.


  1. sounds like a very good time! xx

  2. Love the sound of that reading time, and a school routine. Hoping we'll get into one this term! Hope you're having a lovely weekend Bron xx

  3. Love of family, School routines and sewing... Nice list this week x

  4. Such a lovely list this week Bron. I love having support from family, time to read and school routines too:) I like everything on your list:) xxxx


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