Friday, April 3, 2015

Thankful list

* The beauty in words of grieving parents

* Meaningful conversations

* Easter week at playgroup

* Hiding hundreds of little eggs for lots of little people

* Seeing those little people happily wandering through my big girls secret garden

* The amazing helpfulness of my team of volunteers

* Gifts of hot chocolate mix to give away

* The simplest of crafts to delight the youngest

* The most perfect of egg hunting weather

* The sigh of breath that comes with a school holiday break

* Sitting in the dance class and being in awe of their movement

* Good Friday church gatherings

* Impromptu afternoon tea hosting

* A little more time to garden

* The deliciousness of hot cross buns

* The anticipation of chocolate eating 

#1065 Meeting the loveliest of people on this journey of life


  1. So many blessings. Sounds like you had a beautiful week. Wishing you a beautiful Easter weekend. X

  2. Isn't there something really special in meeting and getting to know people? I love chatting and visiting with all kinds of people from all walks of life... It keeps me humble some how.

  3. Sounds so special - happy Easter xx


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