Thursday, April 30, 2015

Such turmoil..

The world is in such turmoil....

We watch it, hear about it, are bombarded sometimes with too much all seems too heavy...

The heartache of family's losing loved ones...some at the hands of others some from natural forces....
The enormity of the events of the past week are hard to comprehend

Even closer to home, the heaviness of the jobs lost in our community...families wondering what they are going to do....the uncertainty of whats around the corner...that corner being tomorrow.

It all weighs heavy....the despair that is filling our minds and hearts

I am praying....My God will not abandon those who cry out.....

Reach out and see if your neighbour is Ok.....

We are trusting, we are praying.

{Pictures are from our 2013 trip to Bali...}


  1. Praying with you. I feel the dispair. X

  2. It's been a troubling week for sure. Details we do not need in some instances.
    Praying with you too...

  3. This week has been overwhelming hasn't it? I imagine even more so for you with uncertainty about the future for your family & those around you. Trust & pray is the only response we have isn't it? Thankful that our God is trustworthy.

  4. Love this Bron, and yes, trusting and reaching out is a good response. So much sadness, it's quite unbelievable. Love your photos, take care xx

  5. There have been some very difficult and heavy things happening in the world, it's hard not feel the heaviness of it. I do hope things will be ok for the families in your community very soon. Take care. xxx

  6. It's been a really difficult week hasn't it … I couldn't sleep on Tuesday night … it was a very dark night.

  7. I totally agree... The state of the world is a bit telling... I worry about my soon to be grandchildren and what the world will hold for them. Take care xxxx

  8. Hearing and feeling you - Faith and Trust xx


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