Monday, April 27, 2015

The end is near...

We were lucky here in our state to score a long weekend....

So today we had something that needed to be achieved before it couldn't be done ....

You husband has worked at the same place of employment for 20 years...and in a couple of months he will be made redundant...

Big changes in store for him...we just aren't sure what they are yet.

Anyways something we have wanted to do is take the kids on site and show them around where dad has been heading off to all these years.
It is an industrial site ( power station) and so it has been a restricted entry site to them until today.... 
I enjoyed my little tour as well....over 14 years ago I was part of a small team that lead educational tours around  the station.....we took school groups, uni students and interested groups of the public through...that was until 9/11 happened in which security became too tight.

I know one of the things he will miss the most is the beautiful view...shame industry sits on this beautiful part of the coast...

Both the kids loved the tour...both commented on how like a ghost town it felt as much of the workforce has finished up and the station has already begun being mothballed. They now understand how hard it is to get up and head to work each day.

Onwards and upwards onto new adventures...where ever they may take us!


  1. So sorry to hear that. I'm sure God has good things in store for you... Xxx

  2. The unknown is so nerve racking sometimes... Praying that new doors open up to bigger and much better happenings in the future! Thank you for sharing those amazing pictures... The BLUE of the sky and ocean are just breath taking. What an amazing place to have worked for so many years xx

  3. wow, that is quite some place. & yes, what a spectacular view! Glad they got a chance to check it out before the end. How exciting & scary it is to see what the future holds...

  4. Beautiful view and great that you all got to see it. Will be thinking of you all through this time of transition xx

  5. Change can be scary … but it can also be good … onwards and upwards to new and exciting adventures.

  6. I just know that good things are coming your way Bron. That view is stunning and what a great experience for your kids to see where their dad has worked for so long. Love the photos xx

  7. What a beautiful view and fun for everyone to be able to go and experience where your hubby works. I am so sorry to hear that your hubby's job will no longer be there for him. May new avenues come his way and that a new positive job will be on the horizon soon. Take care. xxxx

  8. That's great that you and your husband had the chance to show your kids around before he moved on. It all looks very interesting.

  9. Sorry to hear that guys!! What a spectacular view to go and visit every day. How special to be able to show the kids around where he's been working. Wishing you guys all the best for your new future.


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