Monday, April 6, 2015

Photo a Day - Week 14

#89 On my table - This note was left by our ten year old...he had a funny rash on his tummy and I was out for the evening... {it turned out not to be chicken pox}

#90 - Two Tone- gifts made for my playgroup chocolate mix

#91 I hope this wasn't going to spoil his  lunch after the playgroup Easter egg hunt.

#92 This Building in our garden is under renovation.

#93 It is good....The one time of the year that it feels right to stuff yourself with Hot Cross Buns

#94 I stood here and watched the kids and their cousins have possibly the last swim of the season

#95 It was the eggs in the trees that had them stumped.

My photo a Day project......a bit tougher this week in what was a busy one.


  1. looks a lovely week. Waiting to see what the shed turns into.

  2. Aw... I hope that Fraser gets better very soon! Love chocolate and that site is so cool thanks for sharing. Hot cross bun looks soooo good! I have to try and make them. xxx

  3. Haha we had a few eggs in trees here too... ;)

  4. Some weeks are definitely harder than others aren't they :0)
    That hot cross bun looks delish ... believe it or not I haven't had a single one this Easter.

  5. Oh what a sweet note, I'm glad it turned out not to be chicken pox! And so funny to be seeing pictures of the last swims of your sea swimming season when I'm just starting to look forward to ours getting going!


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