Friday, January 22, 2010

A hunting we will go.

A day with my sister is never a walk in the when we decided to spend the day together the thought of "treasure hunting" was tossed around.
"Leave it to me" she said.." See you early in the morning"..
We spent the day together with five kids between us traveling quite some distance exploring hidden treasures and places of interest all along the way.
Much fun was had, much food was consumed and a total of 14 targets were hit...

Thrombolites -"Living Rocks" -spectacular
A disused (1923) Lime Kiln
Checking out the treasure stash..

Checking out historical information about our ancestors
The Clifton Family who settled this very area.

On the lookout for some dolphins.

Thanks Sis, great to spend time together doing fun things.

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  1. Wow..where is Living Rocks? They look so cool, like you could jump around like a leap frog :)

    Oh whoops..I have used the wrong account..this is Gayle S


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