Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to you!
Our celebrations were very low key this year... at home with some sparklers..
The question we were all asking this morning is what to do on the very first day of a brand New Year?
Hit the sands on a very non- populated beach (this little mumma was quite happy on the sand looking after the ball!)
We then filled the afternoon treasure hunting in new and undiscovered places-well to us anyway.
It was the only way to continue combat the TV free zone thingy we have going on around here...although I do feel the need for a movie night tomorrow night coming on!
Have you given any thought to how you see this next year? I have pondered some of the things that I would like for me, and us as a family
  • A simpler and less incumbent way to live
  • friendships that are rich and vibrant
  • time to foster those rich friendships
  • wanting less and loving more of what I already have
  • lots of creative time and spaces in my life
  • a family that is hopeful, happy ,secure and content with who we are.
  • a whole bunch of new adventure with people, places and life changing experiences
  • peace within
Here's to 2010

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