Thursday, January 7, 2010

The sights you see..

The things we expose our naive children too....
Before you think I have lost my moral compass it was all in the name of finding a very strategic cache...and no we didn't venture down to the beach we lurked in the dunes....on the other side of the path to the beach!
We did find what we were looking for and we left with the kids having quite a few questions about what that really meant for anyone wanting to swim on that beach.
I decided to use an idea out of one of my craft books I received at Christmas time...Handmade Home by Amanda Soule..the treasure bag.
I found some "pink" netting that came with some floral arrangement ( I had kept for such an occasion as this) and created a treasure holding bag for our geocaching trips. We will leave it in the car so we will always have an endless supply should the need suddenly come upon us to go searching...also I know where to keep putting all those little toys that float around the house.
We ended the day with birthday celebrations for Derek's brother @ Hog's Breath much to the utter delight of all the kids.

There are so many interesting things to explore and the curly fries are yummy to boot!

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