Thursday, March 20, 2014

Our Thankful List Making

Each Thursday I have been posting my thankful lists.......these are lists that I write as the week goes along.....I keep track of them in a notebook that I keep handy.
When Thursday comes along I then write a post listing and numbering all the things I am thankful for here on my blog.

I was inspired after reading 1000 Gifts by Ann Voscamp. If you haven't read it, treat yourself. She encourages us to keep track of thankful and gratitude moments making our way to 1000.

So after reading this post on Ann's Blog this week.....I was challenged to expand the thankful recording to my a couple of nights ago I popped some sticky notes and pens in the middle of the dinner table.

I encouraged them to think while eating of one thing they were grateful for that the end of the meal they wrote it on a sticky note and we stuck it up on our wall...(nothing fancy)

We did it the next night and I am hoping it will be something we can continue to do.......

I will still continue to keep my own list....#382 and still counting.

Maybe this is something you already do with your family? or maybe you too will take the challenge and reap the many benefits of gratitude counting.

Do share if you do.

Back later tonight for my Thankful Thursday List for the week.


  1. It's lovely getting the family involved Bron - am still to read the book, but I love the concept x

  2. Yes, I read that post too, and have been thinking of doing it with the family. I like the idea of doing it over the mealtime.

  3. I feel truly blessed for many things in my life. I love the idea of making a thankful list too maybe I will join with you. Ann's post was great! Thanks for sharing it xx

  4. oh that's nice. I need to keep a list like you do. I have thought about it, but am slack... we'll see...


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