Monday, March 17, 2014

Weekend Snippets

 This weekend........
....was all about our newly turned 9 year old.....

an outing to "Bounce" an indoor trampoline centre with a couple of friends, three cousins...oh and a big sister.....

home for the quickest easiest cake I have ever made.......tub of ice cream up turned and lollies squished in it....the best for our ice cream loving little guy.

and then lots of pressies......I was so excited with his reaction to one of the gifts...his own photo book with his 2013 -52 weeks project photos .......

"Oh yeah I have my own book"     does my heart well to know that he loved it.

Happy Birthday Guy......

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  1. He looks so happy with his book, looks like a great birthday weekend :)

  2. Oh yay, you can tell from the pics that he loves his book so much!

    Love the look of bounce. Such great fun I bet!

  3. Looks like a lot of fun! Perfect birthday cake -i bet it went quickly.

  4. Wow... Looks like a lot of fun for the children! We have something similar here for the kids it's so much fun. I love the Birthday cake so pretty and it looks very yummy xx

  5. Great cake! looks like the kids had a great time and I love the photo of his reaction to his own book, gorgeous! Have a lovely week Bron xx

  6. The cake cake looks amazing, the photo book wonderful and the bounce activity lots of fun. Looks like your 9 year old had all his dreams come true for his birthday. Food on you mummy. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

  7. I love that cake! Looks like you are making some great memories xx

  8. How about you Bron? Were you tempted to have a bounce? Looks like the Birthday Boy had a fabulous weekend.

  9. What a great place to have a party. It looks like so much fun, even for an old gal like me :)

  10. That is the most brilliant cake ever! I'm not a cake lover but I ADORE ice cream! Loads of love, Heidi


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