Thursday, March 13, 2014

Thursday Thankful List

* Photographic memorabilia carefully recorded and preserved

* Caring words and hugs

* A deliciously simple lunch in a hideaway garden

* The unexpected street festival full of colour and sounds

* Tasty sour licorice

* The sound of new wind chimes in the gentle breeze

* Walks with a view

* New pink boots

* Creative pursuits into wearable art

* A change in normal routine that brings some slowness

* The most beautiful of Autumnal temperature days

* Boys and water play- the strong gravital pull

* Lazy days and DVD's to overcome sickness

* A sensitive teen

* The kind words from online friends

* The smell of fresh popped popcorn

* The silence of being home alone

* T-bone steak cooked on the BBQ

* A good report from a high school math teacher

* A sneaky nana nap in the hammock after work

* A riding buddy for the little guy

#382 Technological savy dads  

My other lists counting towards 1000 are here

Do you keep thankful lists?  Please share if you do.



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